VAYAHIY PRESS is the publication ministry of Justification by Grace, the weblog of Jon Cardwell, pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Anniston, Alabama. 

VAYAHIY PRESS provides resources that are Reformed in theology, Calvinistic in bibliology, and evangelistic in soteriology. Our resources are available in electronic and paperback media for the education and edification of the body of Christ. 

VAYAHIY PRESS also provides articles, snippets, and excerpts of some of our publications, whether book, eBook, or booklets.  For ePublications, you’ll want to download Adobe Acrobat if don’t have it. 

Vayahiy is a Hebrew word, which means “and it was” or “and it came to pass.” It appears throughout the Old Testament of the Bible, beginning with the very first chapter in Genesis. It is our belief that this word in the Hebrew Scriptures has been used quite often to express the fulfillment of God’s will and good pleasure according to His eternal and sovereign decrees.